Leveraging AI and advanced microscopy, our technology equips your operators with the insights and precise recommendations to enhance the biological treatment process producing cleaner effluent. We ensure operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and substantial cost savings.

Suitable for plants of all sizes and designed with global scalability in mind, we champion a future of extensive water reusability, embodying our commitment to technological and environmental excellence. Embrace a new era with us, where industry and clean water thrive together.




Reduce regulated contaminant levels (COD & TKN) by up to 50%, ensuring compliance with water pollution regulations

By intelligently optimising your microbial ecosystem, we harness the natural efficiency of these biological workhorses.

Enhanced microbial performance translates directly into a more effective breakdown of complex compounds, significantly reducing levels of contaminants like COD and TKN. This not only leads to surpassing regulatory benchmarks but also propels your operations toward a greener, more sustainable future.

30% energy reduction on aerators and up to 50% less membrane fouling

Optimising your microbial population with our precision AI technology promotes a more efficient biodegradation process, reducing the reliance on energy-intensive aerators. Better balanced, the microbial activity reduces the organic load before it reaches the membranes, preventing rapid fouling and diminishing the need for frequent cleaning or replacement. This optimised bioactivity is key to achieving both energy savings and enhanced longevity of your treatment infrastructure.

Increased plant capacity via well-managed F:M ratios

Through well-calibrated Food to Microbe (F:M) ratios, we can facilitate an environment where microbes work at their utmost efficacy

With precise insights into your biological population and AI-driven treatment recommendations it is possible to maintain optimum (F:M) ratios. Significantly boosting your plant's throughput capacity and staving off the capital expenditures traditionally associated with scaling up.


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